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Singin’ in the Rain

So, it was a very rainy weekend here in NYC, and of course, I got stuck in BOTH large rainstorms. Friday night, I went with friends to the Frying Pan (by the recommendation of another friend!), which is a bar on a boat! A great concept, except when it’s raining. The weather had been fine all day, but when we got there, the wind picked up and we watched the rain clouds roll across New Jersey and over the Hudson river until it hit our poor little bar on a boat. One end of the boat is protected by glass, the middle section is covered by a canvas canopy, and the other end is just open. As you can imagine, everyone crowded into the protected end, which didn’t provide that much protection from the sideways rain. It was a very laughable moment, to say the least. 

Saturday, I joined a friend to a party for one of her (now ex-) coworkers, celebrating his birthday and new job. We went to the Beekman beer garden at Pier 17 which is RIGHT over the Brooklyn Bridge - one stop (and quite a bit of walking…) for me! The night was beautiful, and the view was AMAZING. This shitty picture does not do justice for the lovely view of the three bridges at night. image

Sunday, the wonderful Sarah Basore visited me in the city!! We frolicked around, visited MoMA (the Talk To Me exhibit is great!!), ate Shake Shack ice cream, wandered through a street fair, rode the subway, walked over the Brooklyn Bridge and got caught in another rainstorm (NU Crew style - literally, we were being poured on, our umbrellas rendered useless), walked the doggie all around the Brooklyn Bridge parks… basically it was wonderful. She leaves Jersey for grad school at Michigan on Wednesday, so I wanted one more goodbye!! 

And now it’s Monday. Good night!

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